What we offer:

DragonflyAI  offers a wide range of services backed by certifications, credentials and years of experience. We are able to consult and provide analysis on a wide array of subjects including Imagery Processing, Precision Agriculture, Photogrammetry and GIS data. We generate precision geo-referenced DEM, DSM, Orthomosaic, NDVI and Point Clouds from drone, satellite, and aerial imagery. In addition, we offer credentialed services for environmental compliance and inspection. Below are some of the Data sets that we generate and some of their applications.

• Data Processing

With onsite access to teraflops of computational power, our analysts quickly and efficiently process, exploit, and deliver your projects. We use a range of processing and exploitation products that are professional grade and are able to ingest data from a variety of different drone manufactures. Clients have access to our FTP portal where they can upload source files and submit job requests. DragonflyAI offers live feedback and communication throughout the project duration to make sure the finished deliverables are exactly what you ordered. Finished products become available through our FTP and are also offered in the form of physical media.

• Orthomosaic Imagery

The benefits of having high resolution large scale images are enormous.  Aerial images acquired at up to 16 megapixels gives any contractor the ability to progressively track progress or spot the smallest details of a work site throughout the various phases of a project. We have found that the orthomosaic photos can be used in a wide array of applications from compliance, liability, legal, boundary dispute, promotions, progress tracking and much more.

• Point Cloud Model

Our drones measure a large number of points on an object’s surface, and output a point cloud as a data file. The point cloud represents the set of points that the device has measured. Our 3D point cloud scan of your project is then used to make survey grade calculations and analysis to provide you with highly accurate results. We are able to operate at a post spacing as small as 3cm and cover large areas of land up to seveal square miles. Besides analysis, point clouds are useful for many purposes, including to create 3D CAD models, metrology/quality inspection, and a multitude of visualization, animation, rendering and applications.

• Volumetric Calculation

Utilizing one or several flights at different phases of the project, we are able to calculate how much dirt or hazardous material has been leveled, removed, or replaced to provide near exact volume data. Within a margin of error of only a few cubic inches, we save our clients time, money, and liability when it comes to contracts.

• Change Detection

Volumetric changes can be determined and analyzed  from data collected between two or more flights. The results can be used to accurately track material quantities, erosion, sediment discharge, revegetation progress & surface disturbances through time based trending and analytics.

• Thermal Detection

Our thermal sensors are able to detect surface temperatures from -40° F up to 320° F within a 0.2° F margin of error. We use state of the art technology to provide heat maps of 14cm spacing. With this level of accuracy, we are able to detect leaks, heat loss, surface ventilation and a host of other possibilities. Our coverage area for these projects can range anywhere from a few feet to several miles to fit the scope of your project. Thermal trends can show

• Mapping & Modeling

DragonflyAI can create topographical maps from the highly accurate elevation files. Contour lines at 1.2 inch spacing up to any scale in any unit of measurement. We use the latest in GIS and Imagery software to give you exactly the product or map that you desire. DEM or elevation files can be 3D printed, or used to create a physical 3D model of a mapped area. We are also able to provide 3D models in collada, CAD, and other formats for use in engineering.