We replace approximation with calculation, calibration & integration.

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DragonflyAI’s primary goal is to use the aerial platform to remove guessing from project planning, design & restoration. Our data collection combines a wide array of cutting-edge technologies and multiple spectra (IR, NIR, Multispectral, Hyperspectral) to generate unique solutions. Once data is processed, the data is then modeled in 3D-Point Clouds and orthomosaic imagery. DragonflyAI Analysts use proprietary imagery exploitation & algorithms to provide simple solutions for complex projects. Our process allows for rapid identification of changes over time that can calculated and represented in an easy to read visual format. The values derived from our calculations can be integrated into multiple geospatial environments to be cross-referenced with existing data. This combination of data can provide predictive analysis and trending that can prevent catastrophes, solve supply issues, and increase optimization.

Herman Lucero

Chief Executive Officer



Maurice Foye

Chief Operating Officer



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Chief Financial Officer



Chris Putnam

UAS Data Collections Specialist

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